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  • XF Red Kem marked cards for UV contact lenses and poker cheating

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 Kem cards made in USA, to be the most popular cards brand in the world,many countries professional poker player respect this brand. USA, turkey, middle east and some countries play this card only in poker games. Because these cards are hardly to cheat. But XF studied and found a solution for it.People can see the invisble marking with XF uv contact lenses

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 We marked this cards with invisible ink, so the player wear special contact lenses can see the invisible marking. No have other way can better than this poker cheating way, you know all the cards on the table.

Colour: RED

Model: Arrow jumbo index, arrow bridge index

Best poker cheating device!

Other player can not see differences between normal kem cards and kem marked cards for uv contact lenses.

XF, again change the game!

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