There is a micro exchanging poker card machine in the bag. It is single operation, easy to use, and suitable for all occasions and common pokers; at the same time, it's modern, invisible, and suitable for all kinds of poker games.
Used for:
private poker gambling
party gambling
private casino
poker match
magic show
Working procedure:
User just needs to put to bag on the table which looks like as the normal bag. When you want to change your poker card, you only need to close the poker card near the bag, and then the bag will change the poker card which you want fastly.
Strong invisibility, fast charging poker, no noise. People cannot find a flaw even there are more than hundreds of people for it charging poker in one second and no need to practice.
The bag can be used as the normal bag, put some money, name cards and so on. It can be customized as the requirment of customers, even business bag, female hand ladle, sport satchel, business handbag and so on.
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