1,What is edge marked playing cards?

Edge marked playing cards were marked with invisible ink.We marked each poker card with a different bar code style to identify the number and suit.When the scanner scan the bar codes of all the cards, poker analyzer will analysis the result for each poker game.
2, Mainly brands for edge marked playing cards
Number Country Brand
1 Italy Modiano
2 Brazil Copag
4 Spain Fournier
5 Japan Angel
6 China Taiwan Royal
7 USA Bonus
8 Italy Del Negro
9 USA Bee Bicycle



Modiano Cristallo 4

Fournier 2500 Marked

Fournier EPT Poker S

Indice Copag Texas H

Modiano texas poker

Modiano 100% Plastic

Copag Texas Hold em

KEM PAISLPlastic Pla

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