A radio communications tool.It can be used to receive the telegram or call.
It is a two-way mobile communications tool, does not require any network support in the case, you can call, do not generate calls for relatively fixed and often through the words of the occasion
Report Machine is a portable low-power wireless telephone transceiver, can be carried out in the road contact.
1.when the radio is transmitting, the radio in a vertical position to maintain and keep the microphone and mouth 2.5-5 cm distance. Launch, the walkie-talkie from the head or the body of at least 2.5 cm. If the handheld walkie-talkie carrying the body on the launch, the antenna from the body at least 2.5 cm.
2.using the process should not start off the action several times, while the volume was adjusted to fit the volume of your hearing.
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