1 What is Poker Scanner?

Poker Scanner Camera works for all kinds of poker analyzer. It will use their built in infrared camera to scan the bar codes of marked playing cards.Then send digital information to poker analyzer to analysis.


2 Types of Poker Scanner

We have more than 80 kinds of different hidden poker scanner camera,here are some cameras we show as below:

Number Description Operating Area Distance
1 Chiptray Casino 6CM TO 30CM
2 Lighter Everywhere 20CM TO 35CM
3 Mobile Everywhere 10CM TO 80CM
4 Carkey Everywhere 20CM TO 35CM
5 Astray Everywhere 20CM TO 35CM
6 Chips Casino 15CM TO 25CM
7 Floor Lamp Casino 250CM TO 500 CM
8 Music Box Casino 250cm to 500cm
9 Table Camera Casino 10cm-15cm
10 T shirt button camera Casino 7cm-60cm
11 Watch camera Casino 10cm-15cm
We accept custom desing for other different kinds of hidden poker scanner cameras



Inidan Moghul 808 ma

Indian Revelol DX 55

Copag 139 Marked Car

XF Fournier Blue Pla

Bee Premium Plastic

Modiano Cristallo 4

XF Brazil Copag 139

XF Bin Wang No. 978

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