Five advantages:
1. flat surface and seamless
2. fast speed
3. no hand shadow and skill, charge the poker when you show
4. operated by everyone, cannot be penetrated even there are many people
5. single operation, be used after 10 minutes' practice
1. Table Size. 4X4 wood framing using better materials.
2. Table plate. The use of multilayer body production. The thickness is 3-5 cm.
3. Tablecloths. The use of blanket-type cloth. Checkerboard or other pattern processing is decided by the clients.
4. Table lower body. The use of steel or wooden materials. Splicing type
5. Table body into the internal configuration licensing movement licensing rounds. Conveyor track. Bomb probe card.
6. The use of remote control standby power supply from the 8-10 hour charge. At the same time, wireless remote control can be at different positions of the four directions browser licensing rounds.
7. The middle of the table pop-up body, and that is the biggest pop-up waste licensing 5. At the same time you can reach into the brand licensing 5.
Suitable poker games:
Deck of cards that a cheat has fixed. A deck, presumably with preset hands in it (usually with several good hands, the best of
which will go to the dealer or his confederate), surreptitiously substituted by a cheat for the deck he is supposed to be dealing. So called because, after cards are dealt for awhile, they warm a bit to the touch, while a cold deck actually feels cool.
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